Dog Food Dude dishes up new cookbook for dogs


“Food and love are the currency in our contract with dogs,” says Rick Woodford, AKA the Dog Food Dude, whose book, Feed Your Best Friend Better: The Dog Food Dude’s Guide to Easy, Nutritious Meals and Treats is already garnering praise.  The book features 85 recipes, tips and other nutritional nuggets including the section “Warm-Nose Meals,” which lists recipes designed to help dogs with persistent medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and cancer.

Woodford began working with homemade pet food when his dog Jackson was diagnosed with cancer.  Uninterested in food and growing weak, Woodford enticed Jackson with freshly prepared fare.  Seeing improvement, Woodford started cooking with zeal, giving Jackson three more happy years than expected.  Woodford has spent the last five years researching dog nutrition, testing and providing nutritional analysis for nearly all the recipes in the book.  “My goal was to take all my research and make it simple for any dog owner to provide wholesome lovin’ from the oven.”  Learn more at