Raw Goodness


Nature's Variety now offers Raw Boost Bites treats and the raw powder supplement Daily Boost, both intended for occasional feeding.  I gave the Boost Bites to two picky dogs I know.  They tried the chicken flavor and seemed to really like it.  These dogs are on a partially raw diet already and are in great health for their respective ages. 

I fed The Daily Boost to my foster dog Magic, two tablespoons at each meal.  Magic ate his food more quickly with it mixed in.  It is difficult to say if the supplement made a difference, but I do think it helped him gain a little weight and his coat certainly was shiny.  The supplement and the Boost bites are not messy or smelly.  These are great optional additives for dogs who don't like the wet consistency of traditional raw food. 

The Boost Bites and Daily Boost are also feline friendly, so I asked a friend with a cat to tell me what he thought.  Ron said, “My 12-year-old adopted cat, Sal, would literally run away from any form of raw food put in front of him.  I thought I’d try the Daily Boost Chicken supplement, and to my surprise (and delight), he loves it!  I serve it to him in a separate bowl, which he licks clean.  He’s always been an itchy & scratchy cat with moderate skin issues, but since eating Daily Boost his symptoms have lessened.  His coat is shinier, and he is itching significantly less.  I am thrilled!”


Every reputable raw food brand (e.g., BravoNature's VarietyStella and Chewy's) tests every batch of raw food to ensure it is for free of salmonella and other pathogens and safe for your pets.  However, those preparing traditional (frozen) raw foods for their pets need to be very careful and follow recommended guidelines such as those offered by Primal Pet Foods, a leading producer of raw food products.  They suggest using separate dishes for raw food and washing bowls, counters and your hands after every meal. 


Tips on Feeding Raw: