Turning 8 and doing GREAT


Family Dogs New Life celebrated eight years of rescuing and sheltering local dogs Feb. 29 (leap year birthday!) in what has been a great year:  the group was voted #1 Shelter/Rescue in Spot’s 2012 Top Awards.  A note plucked from the group’s website says, “In honor of our big day we’ve decided to give ourselves a little present . . . the gift of love, the gift of loyalty, the gift of Gretsch!  That’s right, on this special day we’ve decided to invite our lil rock star Gretsch to become the newest member of The Family Dogs!”

At the shelter since 2010, the search for Gretsch’s forever family has not been fruitful.  Happily the search is over:  Gretsch is now one of their own, and home for good — a fitting birthday present for the group that keeps on giving.  Happy Birthday, FDNL!  Learn more at FamilyDogsNewLife.org.