Your volunteer time is appreciated

Kitty Kisses for volunteering © CAT

Kitty Kisses for volunteering © CAT

Are you one of the 33 percent?

That’s the percentage of Oregonians who volunteer.

Since you love animals, or you wouldn’t be reading Spot, I encourage you to experience the joy of volunteering to help this community’s pets.

When you volunteer, you are not in a vacuum.  You meet interesting people, discover new friendships, enjoy a sense of accomplishment, learn new skills, and come away with great stories to tell friends and family.  Sometimes you get fed, earn a t-shirt, or receive a shopping discount (depending on where you volunteer). 

Last year nearly 64.3 million people volunteered across the country.  Of those, 30 percent were women, 32 percent were married, most were between 35 and 55 years old, and 75 percent were employed (according to the US Department of Labor). ranks Oregon 14th among all states in volunteering:  33 percent of Oregonians volunteer and donate 115.9 million hours of service.

National Volunteer Appreciation week arrives later this month.  For organizations that rely heavily on volunteers, appreciating volunteers is a daily opportunity.  Without the hours donated, smaller organizations could not do the good work they do.  Here are just a few suggestions for wonderful organizations in need of helping hands:

  •          Be part of a fence building work party for Fences for Fido, making sure dogs stay safe in their yards.  Details
  •         Take an energetic dog out for a jog through Oregon Humane Society’s Running Team.  Details
  •         Hand out cat food to low-income cat owners through Cat Adoption Team’s Cat Food Bank.  Details
  •         Offer the healing presence of animals in a therapeutic setting through the Humane Society of SW Washington’s pet-facilitated therapy.  Details
  •         Foster a litter of kittens, walk dogs, answer phones, stuff envelopes, clean kennels, promote adoptions, or take photos at your neighborhood rescue or shelter.  All shelters need your help.
Volunteer greets kitty at CAT © Lamm Photography

Volunteer greets kitty at CAT © Lamm Photography

Every organization/shelter has regular volunteer orientations to provide training and information.

Like the words of musician Jewell, “my hands are small, I know.  Meet likeminded folks and do good work for the animals of this community.  Volunteer; we greatly appreciate it!