Lincoln City - Follow your nose to a canine fav


A long-favored destination for pet-loving vacationers in the Northwest, Lincoln City provides excellent opportunities for families with canine to play, stay and thoroughly enjoy themselves in and around this central coast region.  For those who love sand and surf, there are nearly eight great miles of it in which to romp, roll, dig and revel.

For those who love variety, nearby lakeshores and forests beckon.  If shopping and excellent food make for a superb weekend, there’s ample variety.  And when it comes to great lodging, there are plenty of hotels, motels and vacation rentals that happily lay out the welcome mat for you and your furry companions. 

Many pet people make a point to visit during one of the biggest pet events of the year, the Mutt Masters Dog Show & Olympics, happening May 19 this year (see article on Mutt Masters here).  Simply put, Lincoln City offers something for everyone, including the dogs.



Somehow being at the beach, or on vacation, or just away from home stirs the appetite.  Of course, the coast has an incredible abundance of fresh, locally-caught seafood served everywhere from roadside chowder stands to fine eateries.  Many consider a cup of clam chowder at Mo’s or the Dory Cove a must, while others swear by the Blackfish Café or Kyllo’s wonderful local fare.  Want to keep the dog with you while dining?  Check out Beach Dog or Nelscott Cafés.  Well-behaved pooches are welcome in the outdoor dining areas at both.



There is little more smile-inducing than a dog playing at the beach, whether she’s digging her way to China, barking at the waves or running in pure canine bliss.  Most dogs simply love the beach.  And here there are more than a dozen public beach entrances, from Road’s End Recreation Area to the north to Siletz Bay down south. 

For a respite from coastal winds, Devil’s Lake Recreation Area, just a few minutes from downtown Lincoln City, offers a couple of half-mile hikes and a 9-mile loop through the forest.  If you prefer something a little more moderate, the 2.5 mile Spring Lake Trail shows off old growth forest and a 400-year-old Sitka spruce.  If you’re game for a short drive, you won’t be disappointed with a hike along the Drift Creek Falls Trail, a 3-mile one-way trek that culminates in a 75-foot waterfall that’s visible from a 240-foot suspension bridge.  The sight is well worth the walk. 



While antiquing’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it is big in Lincoln City, with at least 20 shops devoted to treasures of yesteryear.  There are also plentiful art galleries, bookstores and gift shops throughout the city.  To really delve into local flair, consider a kite to fly in this self-proclaimed “Kite Flying City of the World.”  And, if you’d like a little treat for your four-pawed friend, visit Paws on the Sand, which carries a wide range of healthy pet food and boutique items.  The Lincoln City visitors guide says well-behaved and leashed animals are welcome in many shops . . . but pooches and antique stores don’t always mix well.



Of course, at the end of the day, that perfect, cozy place to rest is key to a great vacation.  Fortunately, when pets are part of the package, options in Lincoln City are plentiful.  The Ester Lee Motel and Looking Glass Inn are favorites among pet lovers for their beach access and pet-friendly policies.  The Coho Oceanfront Lodge at Wecome and even Chinook Winds Casino accommodate pets as well.  For those seeking something less hotel-like, consider a vacation rental through Ocean Odyssey.  Another great getaway are the two Idyllic Beach House guesthouses.  Located just 30 minutes north, these homes provide wonderful respite from the city.