Mighty big doggie bag!


Guinness World Records confirmed that Giant George, a 230-pound Great Dane, is the world’s tallest living dog.  In fact, Guinness also named George the tallest dog Ever.  The stately gent is a full four-feet tall when standing on all fours, but hits a towering 7’ 3” when standing on his hind legs.

George’s “dad” Dave Nasser says George eats nearly 200 pounds of food monthly (including chicken, rice and yogurt), sleeps on his own queen-size bed, and recently occupied a row of five seats while traveling by air.  In order to share Giant George’s tall tales with the public, Nasser will soon release the book Giant George:  Life with the World’s Biggest Dog.  Oh, and in case you were wondering about the world’s shortest dog?  The record currently belongs to Boo Boo, a six-year-old, long-haired Chihuahua who measures a petite four inches tall (yes please:  spread your fingers to get the full impact of 4 small inches — that’s tiny!).