Organic Pet Product Company born through necessity

Pictured (l to r) Sue Smith, Ben and Elana Hoerter.  Horses, Bella and Christy, dogs Amy and Hannah and Sammy the cat.

Pictured (l to r) Sue Smith, Ben and Elana Hoerter.  Horses, Bella and Christy, dogs Amy and Hannah and Sammy the cat.

Since its first public appearance at the Saturday Market in downtown Eugene, Oregon, local pet product manufacturer Mad About Organics has grown by leaps and bounds.  Now approaching its fourth year in business, the company has grown to distribute product lines to over 200 stores nationally and internationally. 

Many people are concerned about effectiveness when considering a move to organic, chemical-free products says MAO owner and operator, Ben Hoerter, and he and his family were no exception.  This now booming Eugene-based concern began from just that kind of concern, coupled with necessity.

Several years ago, Ben Hoerter’s wife Elana and her mother Sue Smith were breeding a mare at a time when flies were rampant.  Worried about the amount of chemicals in conventional fly sprays and not wanting to expose the mare or her growing foal, Elana Hoerter and Mrs. Smith began working on a natural solution.  The process was bolstered by Smith’s medical background as a registered nurse, and Elana Hoerter’s Masters Degree in Equine Genetics from Oregon State University. 

Through extensive scientific research the pair formulated Horse Insect Relief Spray, which proved to be ideal for mare and baby.  This first success fueled them to continue their work, which ultimately led them to develop of a full line of equine products that is safe and effective for animals four weeks and older, including pregnant females.

As the Hoerter and Smith families not only love horses but also dogs and cats, it was a natural for them to expand their focus to include products for the smaller species.  Today the company boasts an entire line of quality organic pet care products, including multiple dog and cat shampoos, topical treatments for fleas, ticks, and skin conditions, an insect relief spray, and a healing ear cleaner that’s good for both dogs and cats.

Hoerter says their thriving company is a testament to peoples’ growing desire to seek more effective organic products. “I think people are becoming more educated and looking for more natural products.  Our animals are our kids, and we want them to be healthy and with us as long as possible.”

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