The Border Collie


Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Breed Overview

Size:   30-45 lbs.
Grooming:   Heavy seasonal shedder with double coat.  Rough coat needs some brushing.
Exercise:     Very demanding
Environment:   Preferably access to running room.
Temperament:  High alert, loyal.  Balanced when mental/physical exercise/stimulation needs are met.

Life Expectancy: 11 years

Interesting fact:  The Border Collie is often cited as the most intelligent of all dog breeds.  Chaser, a Border Collie from Great Britain, knows over 1,000 unique toy names.  See an amazing video of Chaser:  

Appearance:  The Border Collie has a slight frame and a body that's a bit longer than it is tall.  They have either a smooth or rough (medium-length) coat with feathering down the hind legs.  They come in many color varieties, including tri-color and merle, but most are commonly associated with the black and white bi-color pattern.  The high variation in coloring and overall look of the Border Collie comes from breeding for athletic ability instead of appearance.  In the dog world this typically means better health and breed specific intelligence.

Personality:  Very agile and active.  They are "high alert," meaning they bark at the doorbell, chase most anything that runs (unless trained not to), and keep track of the family.  BCs are built for herding livestock, especially sheep, and do well in agility and other sports/activities.  Not surprisingly, many owners report their Border Collie is very in tune with their guardian's emotions and movements.  These dogs were bred to herd sheep and have an intensity and a desire to work that makes them unlikely to be happy as couch potatoes.

Common Health Problems:  Hi dysplasia and seizures are sometimes seen.  Potential for a genetic disposition for hip dysplasia can be checked in puppies with x-ray.  Seizures are unsually controllable with medication.

Best Match :  Nancy Yamin of Mutts Better Dog Training in Lane County says, "A hunting, working or herding breed dog requires time and energy be spent working with that dog, ideally in the capacity it was bred for, or another activity that meets its mental and physical needs.  A family with children should seriously consider whether they have the time and desire to spend 2-3 hours daily meeting the needs of their dog."  It's ideal for a Border Collie to be able to go to work with its humans or have access to plenty of activities inside and outside the home. 



Featured Adoptable: Tullio is a very sweet, somewhat shy 2-year old Border Collie mix who arrived at the shelter as a stray and was never claimed.  He loves pets and is happy to curl up in front of the fireplace on colder days.  Although Tullio is a very calm guy, he needs a home where he can get regular exercise.  Visit this handsome boy at The Humane Society of Central Oregon in Bend, call 541-382-3537, or get details at (ID 15170211).