The Lickety Stik


We've Been Shopping...Here's what we love...

The Lickety Stik has an important place in the dog treat world for its low calorie count and compact, travel-ready design.  The small rollerball bottle holds a liquid treat (chicken, liver or bacon flavor) that rolls right onto your happy dog’s tongue.

Here’s what PetSafe has to say about this new product:

“No mess.  Just hold the Lickety Stik bottle and your pet gets all the enjoyment while your hands and clothes stay dry and clean.  Virtually no calories — just one in every 10 licks.  The 1.69 oz bottle easily fits in a glove compartment, back pocket and purse, so you can maximize your pet's training with on-the-spot rewards.”   

As a consumer I agree with each statement — except we did spill some liver flavor on the floor during training class.  My partner said I didn’t need to squeeze the tube, just let the dog lick the treat off the rollerball.  Overall, I found the product very clean; and appreciated that it doesn’t crumble like dry dog treats.  Our dog (a Lab) can’t eat solid food due to Mega-esophagus so she doesn’t get many traditional treats.  For training classes the Lickety Stik is ideal.  Bonus:  the bottle lasts a long time. 

As for the nutritional value, it’s a fairly natural and healthy treat.  Take the ingredients in the Braised Liver formula for example:  natural liver flavors, cultured milk, lecithin, mixed tocopherols (natural preservative — a source of vitamin E), ascorbyl palmitate (source of vitamin C), rosemary extract, green tea extract.


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