Blog Report: Love Meow


A blog for ultimate cat lovers

Meow-meow here, meow-meow there, here a puppy, there a raccoon — wait a minute!  Yeehaw, this blog has it all!  Kittens and cats, puppers and ‘coons.  Who says we can’t all live together in harmony?  See it all at  In this delightful blog you’ll enjoy touching stories of rescue, animal kingdom wonder, and cool stuff like the post, ‘Mama Cat Adopts Rescue Baby Raccoon’ (Apr. 4, ‘12).

Videos and pictures abound.  For anyone who has witnessed the incredible bond that can grow between former canine and feline enemies, you won’t want to miss out on the “vlog,” ‘Foster Kittens Bathe Big Dog’ (Jan. 20, ’12).

Since a picture says a thousand words, you’ll more than get your fill when you click on the Gallery link.  Contest entries and winners, memorials and themed albums are abundant.  One thing we really love is the rescue stories and tales of good deeds on behalf of the many four-legged innocents who depend on us for food, shelter, medical care and love.  

Whether you’re having a day of doldrums or sunshine and daisies, you can’t help but feel warm from the inside out when you read about Bridget in ‘Litter of Kittens Adopted by Yorkie Mom’ (May 14, ’12)  and ‘Cat Mama Adopts and Nurses Orphan Squirrel’ (May 11, ‘12).

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