The Pug


Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Breed Overview

Size:   14-18 lbs.
Grooming:   Heavy shedder. Cleaning between folds on face and body recommended. 
Exercise:     Low need.
Environment:   Inside with ability to romp outside.
Temperament:  A charming, attention-seeking dog.
Life Expectancy:  11-15 yrs.

Interesting facts: The Pug may be one of the oldest dog breeds, with evidence that they originated around 400 BC.  They were bred by Chinese royalty as companions, and have had many other interesting owners throughout history, such as Napoleon's wife Josephine, Marie Antoinette, and Goya.

Appearance:  The Pug is a dog so ugly it's cute.  They are compact, with a barrel-shaped body, short legs, curled tail and short snout.  They should have a defined waist and unfortunately are often seen overweight.  Most common colors are fawn (with black eye liner and jowls) and black, though silver-grey, white and brindle are also seen.

Personality:  The Pug was bred as a companion and seeks attention.  He is friendly with everyone and never seems to outgrow a puppy-like personality, often being described as a ham.  They are said to spin in circles just to amuse their people.  Pugs tend to be good couch potato friends, but their snorting, snoring and heavy breathing may make it hard to hear the television.  Unlike many toy breeds they do not just tolerate kids, but love them.  A Pug will need his bulging eyes protected from small hands and toys, which is typically more of a concern than this dog harming a child.  The Pug is not the most obedient dog: it is quick to understand what is expected, but it may not always do so.  Stubbornness is a common trait.

Health:  Obesity is a big problem for this little dog.  Do not overfeed and do give daily exercise.  An amateur should not attempt breeding — there is a high death rate and need for C-section in pregnant females. There can be respiratory, eye and knee problems, but the Pug is a relatively healthy breed.

Best Match:  A Pug person wants a little friend to fill his/her days with fun and affection.  The Pug will be your best friend and someone who snores at night.  Pugs are usually great with other household pets, including cats.  They cannot tolerate extreme temperatures and do not travel well in enclosed spaces, so are not ideal for someone who flies a lot.  This is a dog for someone who wants a family and/or companion dog, not a partner for outdoor adventure.



Featured Adoptable:  Dexter is an adoptable Pug who is about 2.5 years old.  This sweet boy came to Pet Adoption Network in Lebanon, Oregon from a humane society because he needs work on resource guarding.  For this reason his adopters should not have small children.  Dexter also needs to gain some weight, but is happily eating and will likely continue to.  He seems to be potty trained and is neutered.  To learn more about or meet Dexter, contact, or visit him at June adoption events Saturdays 11-3 at the Albany or Corvallis Petco stores.