Dog Sense


Dog Sense by John Bradshaw

Last month in Spot, Michelle Blake presented the first of a two-part series, Alpha Dog, which discussed the common phenomenon of people comparing a dog’s dominance behavior to that of wolves, which can cause confusion with human/canine interaction and training.  If you find the subject interesting, you’ll love delving into Dog Sense, the national bestseller by John Bradshaw.  

Bradshaw examines the "new" science of dog behavior, which he believes "can make you a better friend to your pet."  He details how the alpha model truly operates with a wolf’s natural parental leadership, and why dog/wolf comparisons need to be considered with caution.  Bradshaw goes on to analyze training techniques, demonstrating that positive reinforcement is more effective than habituation and/or punishment. 

The observations about dogs and the science cited makes the text credible, but Bradshaw also explores those famous questions so many ask, such as, "How smart is my dog?" and "Does my dog love me?"  He also discusses problems with purebreds, and speculates about the future of the canine species.

Dog Sense shares a wealth of new science on dogs and ways to view them.  It’s a very worthwhile read that any dog enthusiast will enjoy.