Blog Report: House Panthers


This month we’re checking out another kitty blog, this one with a slightly different flair.  The House Panthers ( is authored by multiple people — and dedicated completely to black cats.  A delightful caption on the home page sums it up nicely:  “We are the wild and sleek hunters of the house.  In the night’s darkness, we lurk and stalk any who would disturb our peace.”

As usual, what appeals to this visual writer are the photos.  The captions, quips and kitty conversations are great, but the pictures make it all the more real — actual cats in their true environment doing their normal (or abnormal?) silly things.  Take for example Midnight Monday with Tillie (Jun. 25 ‘12).  How many times have you seen a cat (or even a dog) take a look at someone at rest and then pester them?  No rest for the wicked, I suppose.

Midnight Mondays are the most consistent posting so you can count on a weekly fix of feisty felines.  Or freaked ones, as the case may be (May 28 ’12).  Don’t cats usually like spiders?  Aside from the routine antics of Tillie and brother JJ, you’ll meet Roy Sr. from MikiCato (Mar. 22 ‘12), whose furless family in true fur-loving fashion has a houseful (and cat porch-full) of kitty love.  It seems some other critters are jealous of all the love lavished on the kitties; a squirrel busted his way into Tillie’s house to help himself to the seed bag (Mar. 12 ‘12).

Meet Cocoa (Jul. 6 ‘06), Grr (Jul. 27 ‘06), and Midnight (Jul. 29 ‘06), in addition to Merlin and Rascal in the archives.  Photos aplenty, this blog will have you captivated from the word “Meow,” spoken from between black furred ears and bright eyes.  Check ‘em out and say hello.  Tell them Spot sent you!