Cat Confidential, The Book Your Cat Would Want You to Read


Cat Confidential, The Book Your Cat Would Want You to Read  by Vicky Halls

Any book with a chapter entitled "Weird Cat" is sure to catch my interest.  Vicky Halls is a cat behavior counselor, and wrote Cat Confidential to explain what she does and why people need her services.  A cat lover (or ailurophile) herself, Halls has interesting theories on why domestic cats have developed many issues post 1960, including stress . . . in part caused by their humans’ feelings of isolation.  There is also much to enjoy in this book, such as cat "interviews" and reports on the daily activities of Hall's own cats.  There is practical advice, including how to have a less stressful vet visit, and chapters on new kittens, "scaredy" cats, aggressive felines and multi-cat homes.  Cat lovers with questions or concerns will find helpful info, while those with "easy care" cats can read the tales and smile with relief.

Halls also touches on issues such as FIV and kitty "Prozac,” stories and information on elderly cats and end of life matters, helping readers prepare for what can be a scary and difficult time. 

Part memoir, part animal behavior study and part cat guardian manual, Cat Confidential is an informative and fun read.

Vicky Halls has written several other cat books, including The Secret Life of Your Cat and The Complete Cat.