OHSTAR deployed for daring rescue


In a scene straight out of the movies, the Oregon Humane Society Animal Rescue Team (OHSTAR) arrived at the Knife River quarry in Gresham July 3 to save Daisy, a Pittie stranded 30 feet below a ledge.  Drama ensued when quarry employees refused to allow OHSTAR volunteers to rappel into the quarry, forcing the rescuers to try lowering a live trap to the dog.  As news helicopters and reporters began arriving at the scene, Daisy failed to enter the trap and quarry employees asked the rescuers to leave for the evening.

Concerned the dog would not survive the night, OHS contacted the Gresham Fire Department and the mayor, who arrived at the quarry and negotiated with employees for more than two hours before another rescue attempt was granted.  Gresham firefighter Bob Chamberlin was lowered into the pit via a fire truck extension ladder.  He attached a safety harness to Daisy, who was then hoisted out of the pit just before 10pm.  Daisy was returned to her guardian Tammie Johnson, who had lost her nearly a week prior.  OHS Executive Director Sharon Harmon lauded the participation of everyone involved, saying, “This community should be proud of the compassion and the courage that went into this effort.”