Spotlight on...The Persian Cat


Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Breed Overview

Size:   Medium
Grooming:   High 
Exercise:     Low 
Environment:   Adaptable, indoors is best
Temperament:  Placid but affectionate
Life Expectancy:  Up to 18 years

Interesting facts:  Persian cats were once traded for goods, due to their regal looks and good nature. 

Appearance:  The Persian is a beautiful cat with a long, fluffy and soft coat in colors including black, red, white, and calico-like combinations.  Their eyes are round and noses high, giving the appearance of a smushed face.  They have a thick, stocky body. 

Personality:  The Persian is well known both for its beautiful appearance and its wonderful temperament.  The breed is loving, affectionate and calm.  Better still, they tend to play into adulthood.  This writer has cared for several show-cat Persians, and I enjoyed their beauty and easygoing nature.  They allowed me to clean their eyes and brush their coats having only just met me.  This winning personality makes them good family cats.  They bond closely with their people and are often described as dignified. 

Health:  Persians are generally healthy, but potential conditions include kidney and heart disease (the latter is usually easily detectible during a routine exam and treatable), eye irritations/infections and respiratory problems. 

Best Match:  The Persian needs someone willing to keep their coats brushed and their eyes clean.  Someone who appreciates an independent kitty who does isn’t "needy" for attention will enjoy this breed.  While they don't always seek interaction, they do seem to prefer being in the company of others.  They are also fairly quiet.  Some owners note that they are territorial, so multi-cat homes may be a challenge.  



Featured Adoptable:  A Special Needs Kitty - Gypsy is a teeny-tiny Persian-Himalayan mix, fully grown and just 3-4 lbs.  She loves affection and is a sweetie with lots of personality and confidence, but has had a hard time finding a family willing to care for her needs.  A home with experience or knowledge of the Persian breed is preferred, and regular grooming is necessary.  Gypsy needs regular trims and occasional baths.  She is great with other non-threatening cats and must be strictly indoors.  Gypsy is a tiny gem, in search of a special home.  To learn more or to meet this tiny gem in search of a special home, contact the Humane Society of Redmond at 541-923-0882, or visit