Vue Zone Home Monitoring System


We've Been Shopping!  Here's what we love...

While reviewing Tagg - The Pet Tracker (June ’12), a home video monitoring system (Vue Zone) was also recommended.  The product rep said, “You're going to love keeping track of your pet online through the cameras.”  Honestly, I thought it sounded nuts to have my pets on a GPS tracker and video monitoring, but we did love it!  In fact rather than return the products graciously loaned for the review, we’re considering renewing the services.

We installed four Vue Zone pet cams inside and outside our home, and we could view feeds from any of them through our "Personal Video Network" online.

Among multiple features, the cameras can be set to record a photo or video when sensing motion.  The view is "surveillance quality," meaning grainy, but I could always tell what I looking at.  Live action is available to view at all times, and all the cameras can be monitored simultaneously, or one view can be zoomed in for detail.  

Vue Zone cameras are cordless, so installation was fast and easy (easy to place out of reach, no cords to hide).  I loved being able to check in on our newly adopted dog, Maddie, watching her sleep day after day.  At first I got excited at every yawn, but eventually considered installing a home phone just to use the answering machine to get a reaction out of my lazy (and apparently boring!) dog.

While pet sitting two other dogs it was great being able to check in and know they were getting on well when left together — and (bonus!) I got to see some actual activity!  The cameras also added home security, which was great during a three-day trip.  It was so easy to log on and click a camera to see the house, complete with our car still parked outside.  

A huge value was discovered one day when I logged on while at work.  Maddie’s leg was caught in a tight hold in her collar.  I found her sitting calmly on the couch, but if she tried to walk around she might have choked.  My pet-loving boss sent me home early to untangle the poor dog.  What a great relief to be able to prevent her getting hurt or suffering.  

I’d love to see this system at a friend's who has several cats.  While kitties nap a lot (up to 20 hours a day!) they also do things that are fun to watch, like play together, and chase shadows and flies.  Plus, if you had cats not getting along you might be get ideas for facilitating this when you're away.

Overall, this is a great product that serves multiple purposes, including home monitoring and pet viewing.

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