Spotlight on...The Maltese


Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Breed Overview

Size:   Toy
Grooming:   Medium
Exercise:     Moderate 
Environment:   Apartment is adequate
Temperament:  Lively, playful
Life Expectancy:  15 years

Interesting facts:  The Maltese was first used to hunt rodents, but people quickly began breeding this dog as a companion thanks to its size and affectionate nature.

Appearance:  An elegant little dog, the beautiful Maltese coast is straight, long and silky, usually white or light crème.  He is small, just ten inches high at the shoulder, and his round black eyes and nose offset his white coat, making for a very cute, compact dog.  Personality:  Maltese are a playful breed who enjoys exercise.  Playing gets out most of their energy, but walks are essential.  They are also affectionate and gentle.  They make good alarms as they like to bark at knocks on the door, and seem almost fearless.  Among the toy breeds, the Maltese is generally most eager to please, plus a quick study, making him easy to train. 

Health:  A knee joint condition, luxating patella, is sometimes seen, as well as dental issues.  Regular brushing and chews can help prevent dental decay.  

Best Match:  The Maltese should be treated as a real dog and not constantly held or indulged, as that can lead to behavioral issues.  Since the Maltese is very active indoors and make fine apartment dogs, they do not necessarily need a yard.  Additionally, the Maltese usually likes other pets, keeping up well even with larger dogs.  As for grooming, be prepared to clean the eyes daily to prevent staining, and daily brushing is required.  The Maltese can be left with silky floor-length hair, but many owners clip them shorter (a puppy cut) for ease of grooming.  Two things to keep in mind when considering adopting a Maltese:  they are prone to separation anxiety and can be hard to potty train.  That in mind, someone who keeps their dog with them most of the time is ideal.



Featured Adoptable:  Alabama is a playful, very active girl who needs an equally energetic family.  A bit of a tomboy, she loves spending time exploring outdoors.  This sweet girl isn’t afraid to get dirty, so she often ends up with her fur decorated with branches and leaves.  Her previous circumstances left her a little confused about household norms like navigating stairs and eating from a dish, but she’s learning well in her foster home.  She loves other dogs, is great with both adults and kids, and just needs a fun-loving, playful family who matches her energy level.  While tiny, Alabama is definitely not a mellow lap “toy,” and a family with kids over 8 will be best.  To meet this special girl or to learn more, visit