Celebrating Seniors

Spot recently invited friends with older lovebugs to share photos and stories.  Now it’s our great pleasure to share them with you!


Here’s my Aoifa in all her gloriousness.  She is German Shepherd / Irish Wolfhound and all fluffy, all the time.  She'll be 13 in January and is going strong.  I hope she will stay with us for a long, long time.

Mary Sharkey,
Eugene, OR


Cricket is an 8-year-old mini Doxie mix we adopted when at just 8 months.  She was found near Los Angeles, very malnourished and weak.  A Doxie rescue took her in and I found her on Petfinder.  Now she's happy, healthy, and living the good life.

Tiger (the Shih Tzu) is 11.  She has many medical problems, including losing her right ear to eardrum cancer.  Thankfully she is doing very well now, is happy and enjoys eating, sleeping, and going for walks, but not in the rain.

Simi Zuckerman,
Portland, OR


Dilly Bar came to us from OHS at 13, and lived a full life until 16½, running around Gabriel Park almost every day.  She was Social Director, Sheriff, Greeter and Friend to all.  She passed away in February 2012 and life isn’t the same without her.

Liza Burney
Portland, OR


Here is my most beautiful boy!

Ute Luppertz,
Gresham, OR


This handsome, regal boy brought joy and smiles into the lives of many.  He embodied the sentiment, “Love beyond words.”  Now he is free from pain, walking again and running free with his brother, Jake.  Thank you for sharing your big hearts with us, Max, and until we meet again, you will be the brightest angel dog ever  ♥

Viki Bisby,
Damascus, OR


This is my Max (Ch Applegates Max A Million Bailey) who is almost 13.  He was a show dog and then used as a stud in what turned out to be a hoarder situation.  He was rescued by OHS and, after being rehabbed, he joined us in 2007, shortly after I lost a relative of his to tainted dog food.  Max has his CGCand his Delta Society training certificates. He is SUCH a sweetie!

Jayne Bailey
Portland, OR


I'd like to share my seniors with you!  The lady on the left is "Lucy in The Sky of Diamonds," aka Misses Snoose.  The man on the right is Chuvian!  The lady will be 13 Dec. 3rd.  Her actual birthdate is unknown, so I have chosen to celebrate on the date I adopted her!  Chuvian is 10.5 year old.

Kristen Smith
Molalla, OR


When I was 13, I read about the Beauceron in Dog Fancy.  In 2004, I purchased a puppy.  He was so adorable I thought, “I finally got my dream dog.”  Eight years later, Riley is still full of energy and love.  I couldn't ask for a better dog.

Shelli Rasmussen
Liberty Lake, WA


Sammy Big Boy was adopted from OHS at 12 weeks old as a companion for Stella, our Aussie puppy.  Sam currently enjoys short walks on the beach, massages from Heal Animal Massage, treats from his treat ball, and snuggling under blankets with his kitty.

Laura Burgess
Portland, OR


We adopted 14-year-old Tinkerbell from MCAS last November.  We initially wanted to give her a break from the shelter through fostering, but after a few days we couldn’t imagine giving her up.  Whatever time Tink has left, we are delighted to share it with her.

Dami Duggan/Bud Garrison
Portland, OR


Zo loves people, stuffed animals and treats.  In his golden years his mobility has diminished due to arthritis from hip dysplasia, but with his Help 'Em Up Harness he enjoys the quiet life, relaxing, giving kisses and being doted upon. 

Tracy & Eric Richardson

Portland, OR