Pet Rx now available at Bi-Mart


Leading NW retailer and pharmacy, Bi-Mart, a longtime supporter of animal welfare, has expanded its pharmacy to include pet medications at competitive low prices.  Long a supporter of pets and animal welfare, the company has sponsored events, booths for nonprofits to be included in events, and this fall, adopted First Ave. shelter in Spot’s  Adopt a Shelter program. 

Obtaining pet meds and treatments at significant savings through Bi-Mart is easy:  just obtain and complete a Pet Rx Authorization form, and Bi-Mart does the rest.  The company’s licensed pharmacists work to provide generic alternatives to higher cost brand drugs, or generic equivalents of veterinarian prescribed or recommended medications.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Bi-Mart Pharmacy is committed to providing the highest quality and safest pharmaceuticals, flea and tick protection and pet health supplements for the optimum pet health and wellness.  Learn more at your nearby Bi-Mart pharmacy or at