Update on Henry & Poppy

L ook-a-likes Poppy (l) and Henry

Look-a-likes Poppy (l) and Henry

In October 2011, Spot shared a special story of mother and son Terriers rescued from a hoarding situation and adopted into loving homes.  At that time the son, Henry had appeared in Spot as part of a story on Oregon Dog Rescue.  The story was seen by Donna and Yaakov Levine of Creswell, who believed the dog in the photo just had to be related to their adopted Poppy.  The Levines pursued the matter and found indeed, Henry was Poppy’s son.  The dogs were re-introduced at a park in Portland on a very special day documented in “Rescue Reunion,” published in Spot, October 2011.

The Levines recently contacted Spot to share that both Henry and Poppy continue to thrive with their respective families — Poppy in Creswell with Donna and Yaakov, and Henry in Portland with Suz Strick. 

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