Local advocate offers Animal Talks


Daniela Iancu, a longtime local animal advocate who has worked in the veterinary and rescue fields, has created Animal Community Talks (ACT), a series of free presentations by local animal professionals.  Events are presented every month or so, each featuring two expert speakers on separate topics (usually related to health and behavior).  Two more events are currently scheduled for 2013. 

ACT is targeted to anyone working or volunteering with animals, with a focus on animal welfare.  “These individuals have a great impact on the welfare of our community's animals,” says Iancu, adding, “because they are housing and caring for animals, as well as providing education to pet adopters and owners.”

This year attendees have heard from, to name a few, Hope Valentine DVM, Valli Parthasarathy DVM, trainer Scott Raymond and Deborah Wood, manager at Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter in Washington County.

“After working and volunteering with a variety of animal organizations,” says Iancu, “I realized I could make a unique contribution to our local animal community to help decrease the disconnect between the veterinary, behavior, shelter and other animal care fields with this collaborative and inclusive project."  She says that ACT is about education, networking and community. 

Ten speakers are tentatively scheduled for 2014, says Iancu, on topics including allergies, internal medicine, impulse control, conflict resolution, end of life care, and foster programs.  To learn more about ACT and details on upcoming events, visit AnimalCommunityTalks.weebly.com/upcoming-events.