Hi, I’m Missy and I am a beauty!  I am a gorgeous mixture of brown-tabby-tortoiseshell colors, have big paws and a little curl on the end of my tail.  I am a calm and mellow girl who really enjoys other cats, even ones who hiss at me.  I also love other animals and people and show my contentment by purring loudly and making little cat noises when you pet me.  If you ‘forget’ to pet me, I will let you know with head butts and flopping on my side to expose my belly for some rubs.  Be ready for a cat in your lap and when you’re ready for bed, I’ll join you there too!  I have been tested, spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and my adoption fee comes with a free vet visit…I am ready to go!  For more info on me, call 541-225-4955, or visit www.westcoastdogandcat.org.