Are you looking for a BFF?  Hey, so am I!  A beach buddy?  Me too!  A super-duper couch cuddler?  What?!  Why, we have so much in common it’s crazy we haven’t met yet!  Let’s change that shall we?  Oh, BTW, I’m Chloe.  I’ve got zest, charm, and even chutzpah.  My foster mom says I’m an awesome travel buddy, love the car, love walks.  I’ve also got some spring in my step and am told I’ve got all the makings of a great agility or flyball dog — you should see me jump!  I know my manners, but I can be skittish around strange people or dogs, so I need a family who will be understanding and helpful with my shyness.  Sound like you?  Thought so!  Check out or call 503-292-6628 and let’s make a date!