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The Boston Terrier

Size:  Small, 10-25 lbs

Grooming needs:  Low; Medium Shedding 

Exercise:  The Boston Terrier is lively but not overly energetic.  They need a brisk walk or two, but not in the hottest part of the day. 

Environment:  The breed has adapted well to domestic life, and prefers to be indoors in harsh weather.  They can be great apartment dogs given a bit of exercise.

Temperament:  These cuties  have a gentle, even temperament.  Stubbornness is also not uncommon, so consistent, positive training is important.  Bostons tend to do well with children, and they’re big enough to pair with them well as playmates. 

Life Expectancy:  13-15 years 

Interesting fact:  The origins of the Boston Terrier can be traced back to the 1870s, when a dog named Judge who had been bred from a Bulldog and an English Terrier and was imported from England.  Initially this new breed was going to be called the American Bull Terrier.  But Bull Terrier breeders opposed the too-similar name, so the breed was dubbed the ‘Boston Terrier’ in honor of Judge’s adopted city of Boston. 

Appearance:  The Boston has a large head with a pushed-in face and prominent eyes.  Sturdy of build, they are neither thin nor fat, and have a wide, boxy chest.  Coat colors are brindle, black with white markings, or “seal” (black with reddish cast).  

Personality:  The Boston Terrier is known as the American Gentlemen.  He is lively, friendly, smart, and affectionate.  S/he is also a great alert guardian.  They can be pushy around dogs they feel are invading their territory.  Owners often describe them as quirky, unique, and fun! 

Common Health Problems:  A generally healthy breed, the Boston has prominent eyes that are susceptible to injury,  while cataracts, luxating patella, cherry eyes, heart murmurs and other issues may be seen.  Care is advised when getting a Boston; irresponsible breeders may not do genetic testing. 

Best Match:  These sturdy little dogs are prone to gassiness and snoring, so the family should be okay with that. 

Maggie and Millie

Maggie and Millie

Featured Adoptable:  Lifelong buddies Maggie and Millie (right) must be placed together.  They were rescued because their family could no longer care for them.  

Maggie is 11 years old, 16 lbs, and playful yet reserved.  Millie is 9, 16 pounds, playful and a bit alpha.  They both get along with cats and most other dogs.  They are friendly, affectionate, and love to snuggle. 

This sweet duo’s ideal family will be patient and active.  They’ll do best where someone is home part of the day, or comes home for lunch, includes them in their activities, and takes them for daily walks.

If you or your family can provide Maggie and Millie with a healthy, safe, loving home, please contact Vicki at  M&M are in the care of Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue in Seattle.


Megan Mahan lives in Eugene with her boyfriend, Jacob, their adopted yellow Lab Maddie, many saltwater fish, and two miniature Silver Appleyard ducks, Louie and Olive.