Kandy ~ In Loving Memory


We got Kandy December 2006 after seeing her on the Multnomah County website. We went to see her and fell in love. She was sweet, smart, and energetic, and fit right into the household with our 2 other dogs. 

What a delight! We’d never had a dog who didn’t bark. Kandy did only when a dog barked on television or if she saw another dog while we were driving.  Then she would bark. Once. Perhaps a friendly “Hi, how are you”?

Kandy loved to chase balls or Frisbees, soaring in the air and with great deal delight bringing them back to us, ready for another throw.

I like to hunt pheasants and began taking her, not expecting anything. I was amazed how quickly she mastered the intricacies of bird hunting.

When our grandchildren were young Kandy would lie with them as if protecting them. She never got upset about anything, even allowing our grandchildren to ride her like a horse.

We lost Kandy December 2012, but had 6 wonderful years with “our girl.” She will be thought of often with love.

– Bob and Kathy Lite, Portland