Waggletops Fleece Dog Bed Covers


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Waggletops Fleece Dog Bed Covers

Waggletops are “snuggly fleece fitted-sheets for dog and cats beds.”  These bedcovers are held on by an elastic cord that cinches underneath the bed.  The basic idea behind Waggletops is that they're easier than zip covers to put on and take off so they’re more convenient to wash and keep your pet's bed clean.

I wondered if fleece would be too hot, but my dog Maddie loved it last summer and now in winter.  The covers come in a wide variety of patterns; ours is much cuter than what originally came with Maddie's bed.  Now her bed fits in much better with our living room furniture.


Waggletops are made in Bend, Oregon.  Visit waggletops.com to learn more or to order. 

5 out of 5 Paws

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