Animal Hospital driven by family and community


First in Cat Grooming and 2nd in both Veterinary Practice and Cat Medical prove Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital in Beaverton, OR is loved by the people! And the wins continued . . . three 5th place wins included Dr. Laird Goodman for Veterinarian, and the hospital for Cat Boarding and Dog Grooming. Murrayhill also made Top 10 for Cat Daycare.

Fostering the human/animal bond and emphasizing preventative care are hallmarks of Murrayhill. “We feel very honored and fortunate to be recognized, both the hospital and the people who work here,” says Goodman of the Top Dog Awards.

The doctor credits the many wins to the core values Murrayhill lives by. He says it’s all the little things adding up — compassion, enhancing the human/animal bond, client education, progressive medicine and diagnostics, proactive care, as well as what he calls his “Mayo clinic” of a team.

Goodman started practicing at North Portland Veterinary in the early ‘90s where he says he was mentored along with other notable local veterinarians. He and Murrayhill's other four doctors serve on numerous veterinary advisory boards and organizations such as the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association, American Animal Hospital Association, Oregon Humane Society and Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society).

A fun tidbit from Goodman’s earlier years — he was an on-staff veterinarian during the filming of Homeward Bound, a remake of the popular Disney classic. This meant consulting on and caring for the many animals on set — including “three Sassys (the cat), four Chances (the Bulldog), and five Shadows (the Golden Retriever),” he noted. How do multiple animals convincingly portray one character? Makeup!

Of Murrayhill’s Joni MacDonald, 1st place Cat Groomer, Laird he says he is amazed. At Murrayhill for nearly 20 years, rather than “groomer,” MacDonald refers to herself as a “pet hairstylist.”

Family- and community-driven, Murrayhill gives back by providing pro bono services to homeless pets, OHS foster animals, and time and financial support to the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon.

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