Care and Commitment to Pet Health


Mike and Christine Mallar, owners of Green Dog Pet Supply in Portland, take pride in keeping their customers’ pets healthy.  Mike grins broadly when telling of recently helping a dog owner change her dog’s diet.  Turning digestive disasters into more healthy, happy pets is what keeps the Mallars going, and a big reason NW pet lovers voted Green Dog this year’s Top Dog Neighborhood Pet Supply AND Holistic Merchant.

Mike says it’s like a lightbulb moment when he’s able to help people realize the connection between their pets’ food and their health, and that food value is much more than a price point.  Mallar loves knowing he’s making a difference.  He says seeing a pet’s improved appearance and the owner’s satisfaction makes the job of running a neighborhood business worth all the hard work.  Personal service, care and commitment to health for pet cats and dogs are the Mallars’ mantra.  Add to that their passion for local products — from handmade cat toys to pottery dog treat jars and special treats for chickens — and you get a shop that wears the label “neighborhood” — not to mention “Top Dog” — proudly. - Gail Krueger