I’ve heard it’s a little harder for us grey-faces to land a home.  I’m not buying it, though.  Look how sweet I am!  Okay, I may not be as springy as some younger pups, but hey, what I lack in craziness, I make up for in maturity and wisdom.  My foster family says it took a couple of days for us to see eye to eye, but then it was all about the snuggles!  I’m a dedicated lap dog and I love car rides!  I also love my Pit Bull foster sister, but so far I haven’t met any cats; best to just say no to cats and little kids and we’ll be golden.  You’ve just been waiting for a 12-year-old Min Pin to show up in your life, haven’t you?  Well, look no more, here I am!  Call Angela, my foster coordinator at 503-807-9134 to meet me!