“Purr”-aise for these Feline Top Dog Winners


In this issue, Spot reveals your top local animal-related businesses and organizations. 

Working for the largest cat-only shelter in the region (Cat Adoption Team, a Top Dog animal adoption shelter), I think it is terrific there are so many local businesses that specialize in your cat’s needs and wants.  I wanted to give a high “paw” to these businesses.

When you plan your summer vacation, don’t forget about your kitty’s vacation.  Yes, cats can and do enjoy all the luxuries imparted by local boarding facilities.  Offering many room options, Top Dog Mittens Motel (on NE Sandy Blvd.) is also a dog-free facility.  No alarming sounds of dogs barking to spoil your cat’s holiday.  Meowhaus and Arnold Creek Cat Retreat are also outstanding options for feline boarding.

Day care is not just for dogs!  Cats can now benefit from a day of enrichment and attention while you work or tend to errands.  With a wide range of pampering offered to their feline guests, what cat wouldn’t want to spend a day at Top Dog Meowhaus!  Litter boxes are scooped up to three times a day, orthopedic beds, play/snuggle time, and an indoor aviary for bird watching.  Meowhaus staff also will administer any needed medications, and offers “spa” treatments as well, so your cat can return home with trimmed nails and coat sleek from brushing.  Other Top Dog kitty day care can be found at Reigning Pets NW and Mittens Motel.

If you’ve ever tried to give your cat a bath or a good flea combing, you will appreciate the feline grooming services of Top Dogs LexiDog, Murrayhill Vet, Parkway Vet, and Muttley Crew.  While most of us can muddle through grooming our pets, these Top Dogs have the right tools to for the job, and staff are extremely talented and attuned to the special needs of cats.

Cats are not little dogs who meow.  They have different social and medical needs.  Finding a veterinarianwise to feline ways is essential.  If you’re seeking great feline medical care, check out these Top Dogs:  Mt. Tabor Vet, Murrayhill Vet, Parkway Vet, At Home Vet (in-home services), North Portland Animal Hospital, or Two Rivers Vet. 

Purrs to all the Top Dog Winners that cater to kitties!