Street dogs in the Bahamas get support


Colloquially known as “Potcakes” because they are commonly fed scraps from the bottom of the pan, Street dogs have become an increasing concern for the Bahamian government.  Rather than seeing the dogs suffer or die, the Bahamas Humane Society reached out to the NGO Animal Balance to organize a massive spay and neuter campaign. 


“Operation Potcake,” a 10-day effort to sterilize 2,000 dogs  Jan. 10-20 this year, was part of the launch of a five-year animal control and management program that includes training local groups in high-volume sterilization, building five animal clinics, and mobilizing international support to provide medical attention to the dogs.  Operation Potcake was a huge success, with organizers reporting they had spayed or neutered more than 2,300 dogs.  Bahamian Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie, PC, MP held a reception for the group, thanking everyone for their dedication.  Bahamas Humane Society President Kim Aranha said, “I have always dreamed of a huge endeavor to help our Potcakes; now it’s come true — I just can’t believe it.”  Learn more at