Top Dog - Apparel

Winner: Muffinhead

Proprietors: Emily Lariviere & Amy Giehll

Emily: 503-902-1114

Est. 2010

Philosophy/Mission:  To create environmentally-friendly, high-quality, unique dog jackets to further improve the human and dog bond while employing ethical business practices, supporting other small businesses, and giving back to dogs and the people/organizations similarly passionate and committed to helping our canine friends.

Claim to Fame or Signature Product or Service:  One-of-a-kind Dog jackets made from repurposed human textiles (clothing, jackets, blankets, sleeping bags, etc.) We want to keep your pups warm and dry while reusing existing materials in a way that hopefully exudes your dog’s unique personality! 

Community Involvement:  We donate jackets to different fundraisers and organizations throughout the year, including DoveAdore, Family Dogs New Life, Fences For Fido, West Columbia Gorge Humane Society, Born Again Pit Bull Rescue and Lovers Not Fighters.  We attend a fair amount of events as well.  We still have yet to work on a FFF build, but it’s on our 2013 list! 

2nd Place: Lexi Dog

416 NW 10th Ave., Portland, OR ∙ 503-243-6200

6100 SW Macadam Portland, OR ∙ 503-245-4363

366 3rd St., Lake Oswego, OR ∙ 503-635-3733

3rd Place: The Hip Hound

610 NW 23rd Ave., Portland, OR

503-841-5410 ∙