Your Cat is Our Cat


It’s the “your cat is our cat” philosophy that earned Mittens Motel First Place in both the Cat Boarding and Cat Daycare categories this year.  Three years in business, owners Brandy Slack and Denise Struzan emphasize comfort, kindness and care for their kitty clients, giving their cat owners peace of mind.  Boarding cats with cats is much less stressful than placing them with dogs or other animals as some facilities do.  Spacious custom rooms with windows, window sills to lie on, hiding spots, and even privacy curtains make Mittens Motel the cat’s meow.  Special care and accommodations are available for senior or ill kitties — whether they stay for a week or just a day while cat-unfriendly things — like home repairs or service calls — are happening at home.  Perhaps the most unique and winning feature at Mittens is that once acclimated, cats are free to mix and mingle in a common area if they like, returning to their rooms in the evening.  And, yes, assures Slack:  they know which room is theirs.  Purrfect. - Gail Krueger