Cats up the political stakes


First there was Hank for Senate.  Now two super PACs (Political Action Committees) called “Cats for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” and “My Cat Xavier for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow,” are making a buzz and raising money during the long-drawn out 2012 election cycle. 

The latter of the two PACs was formed in late June by Anna Hornberger, a Ph.D candidate at George Washington University.  She told the National Journal that she wanted to “point out the ridiculousness of unlimited donations,” as well as promote cat-related causes.  Hornberger also wants to spotlight Xavier, her 7-year-old rescue who she met while volunteering at a shelter and who “totally approves of the super PAC.  He’s finally getting the attention he so desperately needs and craves,” Hornberger says.

But, Xavier isn’t averse to stumping for other cats on the campaign trail.  In a show of solidarity, Xavier has officially endorsed Hank, the Maine Coon cat running for senate in Virginia.