Volunteers needed for new feline spay/neuter program


The Apartment Cat Team (ACT) is seeking volunteers to be part of an innovative effort to reduce feral cat populations in Multnomah County.  ACT is a collaborative partnership between the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon and Multnomah County Animal Services that works with managers and tenants of low-income and subsidized apartment complexes and mobile home parks.  ACT offers free or low-cost spay/neuter services to cats in these homes, as well as stray and feral cats in the neighborhoods.

Volunteers are needed to trap cats on location and transport them to and from surgery, and also to help socialize young feral kittens so they can find forever, loving homes.  Ann Potter, program specialist at MCAS, says that new volunteers have been inspired by the groundbreaking aspects of the work.  “People are getting charged up,” she says.  “If you want to get in there, get physical and get a little dirty, this is that opportunity.”  Potter points out that flexibility is required, as feral cats don’t keep a schedule.  “We’ve had trappers out at 9:00 at night because that’s when cats are feeding.”  Sound like fun?  Contact Ann.D.Potter@MultCo.us for more information.