As you can see my purty fur is black as night, but they call me Frosty!  Go figure those humans!  But hey also call me a “big handsome fellow,” so it’s all good.  I’m in foster care because the shelter was so stressful, and I’ve received help with my asthma.  It doesn’t keep me down though!  I’m always ready for laser tag and fishing toys, and I’m the best hugger ever!  I’m seeking my family that will make me their only boy, be able to help with my inhaler from time to time, take me to the vet regularly, and even get me to emergency if my asthma really acts up.  I may be a bit of work, but I promise I’ll keep you in purrs and loves — so we’ll be even!  Call my peeps at First Avenue Shelter at 541-844-1777 or visit