Cats will be cats — even in the 15th century


You’re sitting there, trying to get those bills paid, and your cat decides she’s had enough of you focusing on paperwork instead of her dinner.  Sound familiar?  It seems this has been going on for hundreds of years.  Emir Filipovic, a University of Sarajevo scholar was researching for his doctorate when he came across an Italian manuscript from 1445 replete with a cat’s paw prints, permanently preserved in ink. 

The discovery and subsequent sharing of the photo has endeared cat lovers across the globe as the photo went viral through social media.  For Filipovic’s part, he feels the photo is a reminder that humans and cats haven’t changed all that much.  “They forget that the past was full of ‘normal’ everyday events,” he told the UK newspaper The Guardian, “a picture tends to remind everybody that people who lived in the past were not much different than ourselves.”