150+ Dogs Rescued from Michigan Puppy Mill


Life is finally beginning for more than 150 Jack Russell Terriers, Shiba Inus and Border Collies—all ages and at least four generations deep—that the ASPCA helped rescue from a substandard, unlicensed breeding facility in Michigan last week. 

ASPCA responders discovered the terrified animals drenched from rain and mud and coated in their own waste, in Lake City, Michigan. Outdoor pens, with little protection from the elements and no access to clean water, were the only homes many of these dogs had ever known. 

But just one week later, the dogs’ misery is coming to an end.

We’ll have more information on these resilient dogs soon, but for now: Know that these dogs are receiving the care and attention they deserve. Some have been placed with ASPCA partner shelters in the Midwest, where they will be available for adoption, and Thursday afternoon, more than a dozen arrived at the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center in Madison, New Jersey, to begin their long road to recovery and happy futures. 

Although we’re succeeding on many fronts against puppy mills—passing stronger laws, increasing consumer awareness—untold numbers of dogs are still suffering. The ASPCA is doing everything we can to stop puppy mills. We were there to assist in Michigan last week, and thanks to your compassion and generosity, we’ll be there to answer the next call, too. 

Help us be a hero for these dogs—and countless others—and help us continue to fight animal cruelty across the country.

from ASPCA