Governor Proclaims First Week of May Be Kind to Animals Week Across Oregon

Portland, OR - Be Kind to Animals Week (May 5 - 11, 2013) represents a wonderful tradition of celebrating and respecting animals. It is a time to reflect on the happiness and joy these companions bring to our lives.

Oregonians already know how to be kind to their animals as Bend was named DogTown USA 2012 by Dog Fancy Magazine and Portland was ranked as a Top Ten Cat Friendly cities by CATalyst Council. This is based on the tough animal welfare laws enforced in Oregon, a clean environment for animals and humans, a high number of quality veterinarians to care for the animals of the community and quality humane organizations providing compassion for homeless animals.

"Since 1915 the first week of May has been set aside to draw attention to the need to be kind to animals - to learn responsible ways of caring for a pet, showing concern for those without a home, reducing pet overpopulation - all building a stronger human-animal bond. This spirit of Be Kind to Animals
Week can and should be celebrated every day," proclaims John Kitzhaber, Governor of the state of Oregon.

The Oregon Humane Society, a place where being kind to animals is a daily
celebration, encourages you to show your compassion towards all animals this
special week in May and beyond through these kind actions:

* Keep visible ID on your pet at all times
* Encouraging friends and family to spay/neuter their pets
* Spoil your pet with a new toy or treat
* Report animals abuse or neglect (call the OHS hotline at 503-285-7722, ext. 214, or online at
* Volunteer at your local shelter (call the OHS volunteer office at 503-285-7722, ext. 204)
* Keep the bird and squirrel feeders full
* Invite the OHS Humane Educators to visit your child's school (503-416-5034)
* Donate high quality pet food to your local shelter -see the OHS wish list
online at
* Get your pet microchipped
* Adopt your next pet from a animal shelter view photos of pets looking for
adoptions at

Visit for more ideas on how you can help the animals of
this community.

Celebrating 144 years of service, the Oregon Humane Society is dedicated to
helping animals and people. Last year, 11,225 animals were adopted through
OHS and over 1,100 reports of animal abuse and neglect were investigated.