My Little Boy in Furry Pants


My Little Boy in Furry Pants by Chery Esau

Illustrations by Laura Ross-Paul (cover) and Summer Ketchum (interior)

This is a book of truth and honesty.  It is about beings who totally love each other and whose hearts are open to one another completely.”  So reads the Foreword in Chery Esau’s My Little Boy in Furry Pants, a slim, beautifully illustrated book, with a palpable heartbeat of the love that clearly fueled its creation.  Love crosses all boundaries,” the Foreword continues, There is no limit to the extent that Love and Spirit can transcend.”

This sweet, simple, lyrical tale takes us through several seasons with the Esau family, during which beloved companions arrive . . . and depart, chronicling funny quirks, endearing ways and moments of surprise, discovery and . . . the many everyday blessings of being a family. 

Author Chery Esau, a wife, registered nurse and devoted dog mom, resides in Portland, OR.  One of those people who, in even brief conversation, touches those she connects with in ways long remembered, Chery is a gentle yet powerfully spiritual being.  Her bio reads in part, Chery feels that if you look closely into an animal’s eyes, you will see the eyes of Creator looking back.  Animals are a true work of God’s finest and purest gift of art and love to humanity.” 


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Chery Esau with husband Tony

Chery Esau with husband Tony

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