Spotlight on...The Airedale Terrier


Matchmaker, Matchmaker

The Airedale Terrier

Size:  Medium to Large, 45-70lbs.

Grooming needs:  High, Demanding

Exercise:  High

Environment:  Indoor/Outdoor

Temperament:  Intelligent, Independent, Determined

Life Expectancy:  10-12 years

Interesting fact:  The Airedale is one of the most versatile dog breeds.  The breed saw active service in the First World War, as messengers and as police dogs.  In addition, the breed retrieves water fowl, tracks deer and kills rats!  In the early 1920s the Airedale was among the most popular breeds in the US.

Appearance:  This dog has v-shaped folded ears and a long skull.  He has a sturdy, square, well-muscled  body.  Typically tan with a black saddle, and often a white patch on the chest.

Personality:  The Airedale has a powerful personality.  She is tenacious like most Terriers, and can be forceful at times — perhaps due in part to early breeding for dog fighting.  She tends to not back down if challenged, and is territorial.  This breed is also high-energy and perfectly suited to life in the country.  They learn quickly and are highly adaptable.

Common Health Problems:  Dermatitis, bloat.

Best Match:  The Airedale needs exercise, but is usually satisfied with long walks.  Owners should be prepared to provide grooming for the hard, dense, wiry coat, which can be hand-stripped or clipped.  The best home will understand and appreciate the Airedale’s personality and forcefulness.

Adoptable:  Finding an adoptable to feature this issue was an adventure! The first pup was adopted right after we located him, then a second beauty was also rehomed just before press time. In talking with the NW Airedale Rescue we learned they have quite a waiting list of prospective adoptive families — in 5 states! If you are interested in adopting an Airedale Terrier, the folks at NW Airedale Rescue encourage you to get in touch. Reach them at or 503-399-9819.