Rescued Beagle, Near Death, Finds a Forever Home

Late last year, 40 special beagles arrived in L.A.  They had been rescued from an animal-testing lab in Spain by the Beagle Freedom Project, at great personal expense to the project's founder.  It was the first time these dogs had seen the sun or walked on solid ground.

Today, The Pet Collective, the premiere digital channel for pet lovers has released a wonderful follow-up video that completes the story of one of these dogs, a beagle named Ebbie, who was particularly scared and scarred by the life he had lived.

Ebbie could not eat or drink and was wasting away from years of lab testing and toxins being pumped into his body.  But when he met a litter of pit-bull puppies, his demeanor changed, and today, Ebbie is living in North Hollywood, Calif., in his "forever home."