A Mutts Treasury: Bonk

mutts_bonk (800x625).jpg

A Mutts Treasury:  Bonk (2012)

by Patrick McDonnell

Our favorite cartoonist, the creator of the Mutts comic strip, Patrick McDonnell brings us a year’s worth of strips — in color from Sunday strips and black and white from weekdays. 

The creative and socially-conscious vignettes come alive with the unique pop art of this beloved artist. 

If you aren’t familiar with Mutts, it features the daily adventures of a sweet mutt named Earl and a kitty named Mooch, who has a distinctive speaking style:  “I think I schmight have a flea.” 

McDonnell’s style is unique and heartwarming, and also powerful in its ability to nail the heart of serious matters such as homeless pets and environmental concerns.  “Bonk” will make a great gift for the friend who loves to laugh and cares about animals, animal advocacy and mother earth.

Get better acquainted with McDonnell in the Spot archives — he is featured in the November 2012 issue.  Click here to read.