This 1.5-year-old 55 lb gorgeous American Pit Bull is magnificently athletic, so she’s ideal for an active lifestyle.  Frisbee golf, agility, or your hiking partner, she won’t let you down!!  In fact, she’ll encourage you to keep going with her love and devotion.  All this true companion really wants is to make you happy.  Hope is not all play though — she’s all about love, too!  She is a gentle snugglebug who loves affection.  She knows how to be gentle with children, and has many big and little dog friends, from Pitties to Poodles.  She does have a rough-and-tumble play style, so will do best as an only dog with regular play dates.  Hope is currently living with SevaDogs founders for life immersion training.  She is incredibly intelligent and thrives on daily training.  She needs an experienced owner who’ll keep her mind and body stimulated.  This beautiful girl will keep a smile on your face — for a million different reasons!  To learn more or to meet Hope, email mandy@sevadogrescue.com or visit SevaDog.org.