PAW Team leads the way in S/N

This June, PAW Team, the Portland nonprofit providing veterinary care to pets of low-income and homeless pet owners, hosted a Zeuterin demonstration and clinic in conjunction with the Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs (ACCD).  Twenty-one veterinarians from around the world were certified in the technique, and 52 dogs from the community were Zeutered. 


Oregon Veterinarian Byron Maas of Bend Veterinary Clinic, a certified Zeuterin trainer, states the following (in part) about Zeuterin on his website:  Zeuterin™ sterilizes male dogs with just one injection in each testicle.  The effects are permanent, reliable, and virtually painless.  It is safe for the dogs and for the professional to administer. It is quick and convenient, taking a fraction of the time of surgery with no stitches to remove and it is usually covered by Veterinary Pet Insurance Plans with routine care coverage.

Widespread adoption of Zeuterin has massive implications, as overpopulation of unwanted animals is the #1 cause of pet homelessness, straining every support system in animal welfare.  Learn more about Zeuterin under Dr. Maas’s profile at