Spotlight on...The Maine Coon

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The Maine Coon

Size:  Medium

Grooming needs:  Large - 10-25 lbs.

Exercise:  Some Play

Environment:  Indoor or Safe Indoor/Outdoor

Temperament:  Sociable, Confident

Life Expectancy:  12 years

Interesting fact:  Maine Coons are not considered full-grown until they reach 4 to 5 years of age!  Tales of the breed’s origin are varied and fun:  a raccoon or bobcat mix, or the spawn of Marie Antoinette’s six escaped Turkish Angora cats.

Appearance:  These cats are big and beautiful with a shaggy coat and raccoon-like tail.  They have large, intelligent eyes, a ruff around the neck, and strong, rectangular bodies.  They also have Lynx-like ears with tufts on top, as well as tufts between their toes.   

Personality:  Some call this breed the “dog of the cat world.”  The playful, sociable, affectionate Maine Coon is often the only cat a pet parent wants after having one.  They are said to be smarter than average, learning tricks with relative ease.  While loyal to his/her own family, the Maine Coon is usually independent and cautious around strangers.  They are also known for loving water and having a broad vocal range when engaging with their people.

Common Health Problems:  This generally healthy feline was bred to survive the New England climate.  The most common health issue is feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).  Genetic testing is available.

Best Match:  This laid-back, playful breed will likely enjoy the company of children and other pets.  They do need someone who will brush them to prevent mats, especially as they age.



Featured Adoptable:  “My name is Sophie!  I am sweet and flirtatious.  I will act coy and shy but as soon as I see your hand extended I’ll do a flop and roll.  Or, I’ll hide under my pillow and pop out once I see you coming.  I’m very affectionate, love petting and brushing against legs, and have a feminine purr.  I was born 2006 and I want my family!  I'm a big girl with big feet.  I have incredibly long whiskers, my long fur has those striking Maine Coon markings, and my eyes that are a beautiful yellow and green.  They could tell it had been awhile since I’d been loved on when I arrived at the shelter, and my friends at Animal Aid got busy, and they I cleaned up pretty good!  I have no special requirements for my family, just that they love me forever.

Please note:  Animal Aid protocols result in few adoptions outside the Portland Metro area.  To learn more or to meet Sophie, contact them at 503-292-6628.