Sir Nigel

RescueMe - Sir Nigel.jpg

Sir Nigel here, good day to you gentle lady, fine sir . . . it’s an honor.  I was hoping I could have a moment of your time, as I’m in a bit of a sticky wicket.  I’m very fortunate to have lodging in these lovely rooms, but more permanent accommodations would be most beneficial for my long-term health and … well, happiness!  You see, a dreadful accident occurred when I was a wee one and I lost my sight.  Oh, please don’t pity — I do quite well, thank you.  I am a quiet sort, but most affectionate and will not be a bother in the slightest.  Won’t you come for a visit and a spot of tea so we can introduce ourselves properly?  Contact or call DeeDee at 503-516-4604.