Chief TomTom

Actually, my full name is Chief TomTom of The LoveTribe, how’s that for a luscious name!  I acquired this luscious moniker because I’m really all about the love, so much so that I’ve got advanced training!  I have a Masters in play therapy, great if there are any young kitties around, I’m also a PhD in the Art of Human Snuggling!  You may notice that I’m missing my left eye, it’s no biggie!  I had an infection when I was a wee thing, but I’m perfectly healthy and do just fine with the one peeper.  I’m a great cat, I really am, and I’ve been well cared for at my foster home, but I’ve been here for most of the year and would LOVE to come home with you.  Sound good?  Me too!  Contact The Delicious Mickey Grrl Fund: