Max’s story

Born in March 2000, Max’s first family was a single mom with two 2 kids who turned out to be unready for a puppy. After being returned to the breeder he began a career as a show dog, winning a championship and a trip to Westminster. He was then sold as a stud dog to someone who turned out to be a hoarder – with 98 dogs in a small home. (Now he’s one of two dogs in a home twice the size). The place was raided in 2006, and the woman was found guilty and told to never own animals again. Austin Wallace, an animal control officer at OHS, helped free Max, and they have happy reunions every year at the Doggie Dash. 

After being rescued, Max was down to 15 lbs and gained a lost, sullen look. Then the original breeder got him back again and nursed him back to health. Born and shown as a true tri-colored Beagle, Max had prematurely turned white . . . although his grandpa and dad had also gone white later in life. 

In 2007, Jayne, now Max’s dog-mom, had lost Sonny, a relative of Max’s, to tainted food from China.  Max and Sonny both came from the same breeder, and when Sonny passed, Jayne was invited to take Max.

She says, “I fell in love with him (what’s not to love) and brought him to his forever home on Memorial Day 2008. He returned to the show ring in 2009 in the Veterans class, and even won his class at the Beagle Nationals in 2010. He is retired now, but does have has his Canine Good Citizenship and is a former member of the Delta Society, now known as Pet Partners.”  Jayne worked as a pediatric occupational therapist for 35 years, and says Max LOVED working with kids.

Chloe was adopted from SWWA humane in July 2008. Picked up as a stray, the first family returned her after she tried to bite a child who was clipping her nails. After the meet and greet with Max, Chloe went to her forever home. Jayne wondered, “Who in the world lets a 6 year-old clip dogs nails. . . .”

After a long, winding road, the family found each other and their happily ever after.